• Q-1: Can I Get FREE Shipping?
  • From time to time, offer “FREE SHIPPING" for orders over $150 U.S. dollars of purchase.


    1) FREE SHIPPING only applied on single order over $150 U.S. dollars of purchase.
    2) If canceling an item(s) or exchange an item(s) after order is placed causing the total below the amount of $150 U.S. dollars, Shipping charge will be applied to your order automatically without notice.
    3) Combining orders will not be entitled for“FREE SHIPPING".
    4) Shipping couriers selection does not apply for "FREE SHIPPING".

  • Q-2: Shipping Rate
  • <Standard Shipping Rate:>

    Numbers of Discs U.S. International countries
    1 - 3 Discs
    4 - 6 Discs
    7 - 9 Discs
    10 + Discs
    Add $1 for each additional disc
    $150 & More

    NOTE: U.S. Domestic Orders shipped via U.S. Priority Mail or UPS GROUND. International Orders shipped via U.S. Postal Service Air Mail. We WON'T BE responsible for your local custom house clearance.

  • Q-3: Is AVentertainments on the package?
  • We ship all packages in plain boxes, brown or white envelopes. There is a plain label that simply has your name and address, and a discreet return address.

  • Q-4: When will my order ship?
  • 99% of our orders will be shipped out within two (2) business day. In most cases, orders go out on the same day the order is processed. Unlike other online retailer, there is absolutely less wait time as we always keep inventory in-stock of most of the items in our warehouse (exclude Western titles). There is no need to wait for studios and distributors giving us their stock availability of the title(s). As the result, this may avoid many situations causing a shipping delay (expcept big seasonal sale).

  • Q-5: How soon will I receive my order?
  • Non-U.S. orders are shipped via "US Postal Service Air Mail". Customer will receive notification within 48 hrs to confirm total order amount. Most non-U.S. orders will arrive in 5-10 business days. Cases are not provided for all non-U.S. orders.

    U.S. Domestic Orders are shipped by U.S. Priority Mail or UPS Ground. It usually arrives in 2-5 business days (expcept big seasonal sale).

  • Q-6: How my order can process earlier?
  • For us to process your order earlier and faster, there is a few things you may want to make sure before you press the submit button:

    - Provide us the correct billing information at the time of ordering.
    - If your shipping address the same as your billing address on credit card.
    - If you provide us a copy of your “Photo ID" and “credit card statement"by email or fax along with your order number. (Recommend for non-U.S. orders) Here is our email and fax number:

    Email: [email protected]
    Fax: 1(626)369-2371

  • Q-7: What if my order contains "Pre-release" items?
  • We will send all the available items to you first. Once any “Pre-release" item is available, we will send to you again until your order is complete.   Note: The "PRICE" and/or "RELEASE DATE" of the Pre-Release titles are subject to change, due to internal errors or studio changes without notice. Price adjustment will not be made if the order had ship out.

  • Q-8: What if my order contains "Discontinued" items?
  •, keeps 95% inventory of titles in stock excluding Western titles (IN-HOUSE) ready to ship. However, if any item(s) is discontinued after your order is placed :

    - You may exchange for another item at the same or less value than the original price and we will credit you back if there's any difference in the value.
    - You may ask for a refund and we will credit you back the full value of the item. If you pay other than credit card, we will issue youa Store Credit for your next purchase or by check if the amount is over $10 dollars as you wish. In any circumstance, we will notify you by email. If you do not respond us within 14 days, a store credit will be automatically issued to your account with for your next purchase.

  • Q-9: How do you pack my order?
  • All orders will be shipped in plain box, brown or white envelopes. There are no flyers or advertisements in the package, and there is a plain label that simply has your name and address, and a discreet return address. There is no invoice of any sort in the box. All U.S. orders are shipped with original product packaging. We use standard packaging method for packing items for delivery in the United States. All non-U.S. orders have the special way of packaging.

    - The DVD or CD is removed from the case and labels are removed.
    - Each items is then protectively wrapped - cloth CD envelope for maximum protection from scratch and card board is used to provide extra protection for disc.
    - All DVDs or CDs are put in plain brown or white envelopes, and then taped seal. Sometimes, labels are packed separately.
    -Finally, a very discreet shipping label with no advertising whatsoever is placed on the envelope or box. Package is visually inspectedone final time before delivering to carrier. Since some countries do not allow adult materials through customs, we have learned to take extra precautions with certain countries and ship in a way as not to attract attention. However, it is your responsibility to know your country's customs laws on the importation of adult material. We will not refund or reship orders that has been confiscated and rejected by customs. You may put special request in the“Comments"field during the Checkout"process or feel free to email us for special request.

  • Q-10: Can I use other shipping carriers beside U.S. Postal Service?
  • Yes, Please email us which shipping carrier you prefer with your order number, and we will take care the rest for you. Note: FREE SHIPPING offer will not apply on all special request for shipping with other carrier.

  • Q-11: How can I check my order status and history?
  • register member customer can check their order history and status. Simply follow these steps:

    - Go to member login page by clicking "SIGN IN".
    - After login, locate and click on “View Your Order History".
    - On the “Order History" page, you will see all the orders you had placed. Click on the order number that you like to review status.
    - The order status shown on the right hand side of the item(s). will automatically update your order status by email. Register member, Click Here to Login.

  • Q-12: "DO NOT" ship list!
  • will not ship to the following States, City and Zip Code:


    Texas-San Antonio

    Zip Codes:
    NY 14200 thru 14299
    NC 27500 thru 27999
    NC 28300 thru 28599
    PA 17000 thru 17199
    TX 76035 thru 76199 LA 71001, 71227, 71234, 71235, 71241, 71245, 71270, 71272, 71273, 71275

  • You can browse our "Help Center" from the upper left menu or simply E-MAIL us with your question or concern at: [email protected]